I Have To Recalibrate During The Day

When we get up in the morning, many of us take our vitamins. Some take only a multi, and some of us take an alphabet laden hand full. Regardless of how many we take; once we’ve chewed or swallowed them, we go on about our business for the day. If vitamins are on our check list, we can dutifully check them off. We probably won’t think about them until the next morning.
Recovery is not like a multi vitamin. We don’t take our daily dose in the morning and declare. “I’m finished for the day”. Yes it’s wonderful to read the Big Book in the morning or to call our sponsor early on in the day or even to make an early riser meeting. These are all wonderful steps we can take. However, some time during the day something is likely to happen which will press our buttons or really challenge us. We can almost see ourselves descending back into old patterns of response which are harmful to both ourselves and others. When we see that happen, we need to immediately take a sober action to get us back on the beam. The reality is that we may have to do this a number of times each day until our head hits that pillow.

Personal Reflection: How do I recalibrate during the day?

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