I’m Not Going To Give Anyone Free Rent In My Head

All of us are familiar with the buttons on our clothes. When we were very young we lacked the manual dexterity to button clothes for ourselves. We were forced to turn to others to help us or to do it for us. That period of needing someone to help us open or close buttons was very short lived. For the vast majority of us it has been a very long time since someone touched our buttons. Well, that’s true at least on the physical level. Emotionally, many of us still allow people to “press our buttons”. There are just certain people that are able to really throw us off balance. They often have the ability to bring out negative attitudes and behaviors that we thought had been put to sleep a long time ago. Not only do they evoke a reaction from us; they seem to have the ability to cause us to enter into a state of rumination. Somehow, we can’t seem to get them out of our head. We find that we are repeatedly priming ourselves with resentments, fears, guilt and other characteristics that we really want to let go of.
Through the program we begin to cultivate acceptance of others. Over time we are not so easily hooked by people who press our buttons. When it does happen, we have a place to go to speak about it and let go of it.

Personal Reflection: Am I still renting space in my head?

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