I’m The Self Appointed Master Of Non Acceptance

These days when a certain level of proficiency is reached, society acknowledges that accomplishment. Given that you have “mastered” a certain body of knowledge, you are now designated a “master”. We have master chefs, master teachers, master coaches and master carpenters. Other terms like a diplomate in medicine are also used to to recognize a degree of expertise.
There are also negative attributes like a master jewel thief or master criminal that are part of our language. Twelve step program also has its collection of negative masters. One of the most common of these is the master of non acceptance. We see this especially early on in the program. People seem to have great difficulty in accepting life on life’s terms. They need to learn that even when we put in the efforts, results are in no way guaranteed. That means we may not get the promotion, the apartment we wanted, the college admission we expected or the inheritance that was anticipated. The true test of our growth in the program is accepting all of these disappointments without blaming ourselves or others. When that finally happens we move into a new category; the master of accepting the things we cannot change.

Personal Reflection: Do I still struggle with accepting the things I cannot change?

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