Spiritual Awakenings Often Come In Rude Awakenings

Over the last decade there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people interested in Buddhism. Many people from all walks of life now consider themselves Buddhists. They have discovered that one does not have to live in a mountain monastery to practice Buddhism. Many are attracted to the story of Buddha who sat under a Bodhi tree vowing that he would not move until he found enlightenment. The path to enlightenment thru meditation is now being followed by many in the West.
In the rooms of AA, NA and OA many of us also practice meditation. In fact, some of us are also practicing Buddhists. However, we believe that there are many pathways to spiritual enlightenment. Beyond meditation and mindfulness, a spiritual awakening can also come from a rude awakening. Perhaps we are doing our fourth step and we see a glaring character defect. We might have for years or even decades been in total denial about this shortcoming. We might have evolved a history of blaming others for something which was of our own making. When that awareness of personal responsibility comes rushing in to our consciousness, we have taken one step closer to being a more enlightened being.

Personal Reflection: How have my rude awakenings led to greater enlightenment?

6 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakenings Often Come In Rude Awakenings

  1. Interesting post! Rude Awakenings have turned to greater enlightenment for me, for sure.

    Ironically, I was listening to a TED Talk yesterday that presented 3 Ways to Be More Awesome, and much of it was reminiscent of our 12 step ways for living a sober life. 1 Know thyself (do a 4th step inventory). 2 Pick one thing to work on daily until a difference is seen (Make living amends by changing the way you operate in the world). 3 Practice Daily (one day at a time).

    12 stepping my way through today, and loving it!

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