The OK Cup

At a meeting recently a member was sharing about his OK cup. This was an imaginary cup he carried around with him at all times. Over the years he had put different things into the cup to make himself feel better. In his case, he had put a lot of smoked cigarettes and a lot of alcohol and drugs into the cup. The problem was that the cup had no bottom. No matter how much he put into it, it never stayed filled; and he never had any type of serenity.
Each of us carries around our own OK cup. We each put our own combination of items into the cup. Besides drugs, alcohol and nicotine, many of us tried food, gambling and assorted other distractions. We all ended up with the same result, because that cup could never remained filled regardless of what we put in it. How can you expect to fill something that has no bottom?
Today, we no longer attempt to fill ourselves up with things. We realize that feeling good about ourselves involves internal work. On some level, all of the tools and fellowship of the program provide the bottom to that cup that could never be filled.

Personal Reflection: How has my self esteem improved through the program?

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