Bend Your Knees Before You Bend Your Elbow

There are many people walking around with long term sobriety. When you think about it, that’s pretty amazing. For an alcoholic, it’s still incredibly easy to get alcohol. Walk down the street and you will encounter many bars and liquor stores. For drug addicts, all they need to do is make one phone call and they can have any drug they want. Perhaps the most obvious case of availability applies to food addicts. Wherever they go, there are foods that would cause them to quickly slip.
With all that, many people have been sober for a long time. That sobriety of course is the result of making many meetings, working the steps, speaking with a sponsor and doing service. All of these are of course incredibly powerful tools. Yet, one of the cornerstones of the program taps into another source. We need to have a relationship with a G-d of our understanding. This relationship is usually a highly personal one. It is also one where we have immediate access to our Higher Power. That means on a daily basis we engage in prayer, meditation, journaling and any other medium that connects us to G-d. The more we practice these activities, the stronger the bond we have with our Higher Power. Our personal history has demonstrated that left to our own devices, we would shortly find ourselves in deep waters.

Personal Reflection: How do I connect with my Higher Power?

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