Not Something You Join But A Way Of Life

There are literally thousands of organizations that individuals can join in this country. Some are organizations like the Red Cross which provide many services like aid relief and blood drives. Others are political organizations where people work to help elect their favorite candidate. There is probably an organization for every social, economic or political cause in this country. Many people are very enthusiastic when they first join their club or organization. Over time however there are a fairly large number of people who end up leaving. Usually this is because other obligations like work and family need to take precedence.
There is one club in the world where this is definitely not the case. That club is the fellowship of AA, NA, OA and other 12 step programs. Our involvement in the fellowship is of necessity a lifelong commitment. We realize that we cannot rest on the laurels of a particular day. Each day presents new challenges which need to be addressed using the tools of the program. When we distance ourselves for any length of time from the program, our old way of thinking begins to creep back in. We start telling ourselves that we no longer need the program. The truth is that we only have a daily reprieve. Much of that reprieve is dependent on our commitment to the our particular fellowship.

Personal Reflection: How is my program a way of life for me?

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