If You Don’t Change, Nothing Changes

There are a lot of people walking around with feelings of anger and resentment. They have a myriad number of complaints about how the rest of the world is treating them. As long as they maintain this attitude, they unfortunately will continue to carry a lot of negativity towards the world.
In the program, many of us entered with multiple feelings of anger and resentment towards others. Part of the work we engaged in was to identify our part in transactions that had ended badly. Then an amazing thing began to happen. As we began to change our behavior, some of the behavior of others that had irked us began to disappear. Because we acted differently, others responded differently as well. Sometime of course people still said and did things which upset us. Now, however we realized that we had a choice in how to respond. Our attitude greatly helped to determine the outcome of many transactions. Of course this involved a major shift in our thinking. To aid us in this many of us called upon our Higher Power on a daily basis. We needed assistance in replacing old neural pathways of behavior with new ones.

Personal Reflection: What still needs changing in me?

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