When You Feel Like You’re Being Buried, You’re Really Being Planted

Given that summer is upon us, many people turn to gardening. There is actually an amazing phenomenon that occurs when we plant flowers and vegetables. We plant a seed in the ground and give it a little water. If you were to dig up that seed after a few days, you would see that it was actually beginning to deteriorate and rot. Then right before there was total deterioration, a new sprout suddenly appears. Life emerges from something which appeared to be rotting away.
Our lives are sometimes like that little seed. We get covered over with the problems of life to the point that we actually feel like we’ve been buried. While we were active and without the tools of the program, we often did become buried by life. We remained so for years and sometimes decades. When we finally got sober that seed began to sprout. Of course we continued to face many problems. However, now, we came up with solutions to these challenges. In fact it was only because of these trials and tribulations that we were able to create solutions. So many seeds sprouted as a result that our life became a veritable garden.

Personal Reflection: How does your garden grow?

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