Don’t Point A Finger, Point The Whole Hand

Isn’t it interesting that body language often transcends geographic, ethnic or religious lines. Although we may be separated by language, we can often understand one another through body language. Of course the simplest examples of this are a smile or a nod of affirmation or a nod of negation. Beyond these there are many non verbal clues which are clearly understood across cultures. You could be walking almost any where in the world and see one person emphatically pointing and wagging his finger at another person. Even if you didn’t understand the language or hear the conversation, you would probably be correct in assuming that this finger pointing was related to one person blaming another. Almost all of us are familiar with this non verbal clue. Perhaps this is the case because blaming others is such a universal trait.
As members of 12 step programs we are quite familiar with blaming others for our own shortcomings. By committing to the precepts and tools of the program our tendency to blame others when we our responsible begins to diminish. However, we advocate replacing that “blaming finger” with an outstretched hand; which is also a universal non verbal clue. When we extend our hand, we are being open and extending ourselves in fellowship.

Personal Reflection: How can I transform blame to fellowship?

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