Wisdom Is The Ability To See The Obvious

Many of us enjoy doing puzzles. It’s a pleasant way to pass away some time while exercising our minds. There is one type of puzzle which is highly instructive for personal transformation. The object of this puzzle is for the player to find objects that have been cleverly hidden within it. The creator of the puzzle has constructed it so that the sought after objects often blend in with the rest of the puzzle. A player will often repeatedly search for the object without success. Yet when they are shown where the item has been hidden, they exclaim, “I can’t believe I didn’t find it; it’s so obvious”.
Yes, it’s true, it is obvious, but not to them. The same concept applies to transformational work. Perhaps we have a defect of character which keeps causing us problems. Yet, when queried as to our part in the causation of the challenge, we really are unable to identify it. Then one day, we finally get it. That’s when we are able to say, “that happened because of my impatience, my pride, my feelings of guilt”; or whatever other shortcoming  is responsible. In that moment when we clearly see what was there all along, we have been graced with wisdom.

Personal Reflection: What shortcomings do I think I’m still failing to see?

2 thoughts on “Wisdom Is The Ability To See The Obvious

  1. Hi found my way here through a reblog at drabble! Wonderful blog… I’venot been able to read all the posts by the few that I have read sound amazing to me! Looking forward to more posts from you.
    PS, love the personal reflection note that you put at the end of each post!
    Do stop by my site when you have a moment… Cheers!

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