If Drinking, Drugging Or Binge Eating Were Our Only Problem, Rehabs Would Only Turn Out Winners

For a long time family members live with an active addict or alcoholic. Of course this is often an extremely painful experience. It is very difficult to see a loved one under the influence of their drug of choice. It is clear to the family member that their son, daughter, father, mother or spouse is slowly killing themselves. Along the way, there is often also a lot of collateral damage.
So, one day when they finally agree to enter a rehab the rest of the family is totally overjoyed. “Finally they will get the help the need and we will all be done with this painful chapter in our lives”. Sometimes, that is exactly what happens. A person goes thru rehab, enters a 12 step program and stays sober. Many times however this is not the case. To the dismay of family members, the addict or alcoholic relapses. Sometimes this even happens on the way home from the rehab itself. Of course the family members are stunned. “How could this possibly happen? This was supposed to be one of the best rehabs in the country”, they say.
The problem is that drinking, drugging or binging on food is only the symptom of much deeper problems within. A big part of 12 step program is progressively uncovering the deeper issues which led us to turn to substances in the first place. Only when these are addressed does true sobriety take hold.

Personal Reflection: What issues do I still need to address?

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