Came For My Drinking; Stayed For My Thinking

There were many who entered the program with the goal of controlling their drinking, drugging or binge eating. They had no intention of practicing any type of abstinence. After a while, they realized that “controlled” using was antithetical to the program. Accepting this fact, they embarked on their journey towards sobriety. Shortly thereafter, another question was raised in their minds. They queried, “if the only reason you entered the program was to stop your drinking and drugging, why do you continue to attend meetings year after year”? As they gained a little more sobriety they soon were able to answer their own question. Listening carefully at meetings, they realized that the majority of shares had nothing to do with alcohol, drugs or food. Rather, people spoke about many other areas. There was a lot of discussion about personal defects of character and what people were doing to correct them. People also shared about life situations where they needed advice as to how to proceed. Sometimes members just reviewed their gratitudes or accomplishments from the day. It emerged that meetings provided a daily dose of guidance on how to navigate life. They also found that after sharing, they inevitably felt better.

Personal Reflection: What have I gained from the program beyond abstinence?

2 thoughts on “Came For My Drinking; Stayed For My Thinking

  1. I love this. Sometimes in the room I find that the drug of choice is not mentioned the whole time we are sitting around the table, and in a way that is a very good thing, because it means we are dealing with life without the drug being front and center. Sometimes I need to talk about all those other things that drive me to the food, and not just the food!

    Great post today! Thank you for remaining faithful in providing daily content for this site. I come back again and again, and again for the type of insight you provide!!

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