Program Bumper Stickers Belong On The Dashboard, Not The Bumper

Given that this is election season, you will see many people advertising their favorite candidate on the bumpers of their cars. In fact, there are many other bumper sticker categories. Some advertise a particular point of view on a controversial political position. Others through pictorial representation show how many family members and pets are in the family of the car being viewed. Then of course we have humorous bumper stickers about family and life situations. Cars even get their own category with a bumper sticker announcing that the car has climbed a particular mountain road.
On occasion you will also see a 12 step bumper sticker like, “easy does it” or “let go and let G-d”. The driver wants you to know that they are a member of a 12 step program, or perhaps just likes the sentiment of the slogan. For those of us in the program, we think it would be wiser to place the sticker on the dashboard as well. Because we are never cured of our addictive tendencies, it would serve us well to have a constant reminder of a piece of wisdom from the program. Spreading the word about the fellowship is a wonderful sentiment. However, we must always remember that we have a daily reprieve and must do everything in our power to maintain our sobriety.

Personal Reflection: What do I do to keep it green?

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