It’s Not What Or How Much You Used; It’s What It Did To You

We are often asked, “how do I know if I belong in AA, NA, OA or one of the other programs”? The answer that we give often surprises people. There is no yardstick used to determine if you belong in one of the programs. Now of course, there are people who obviously do belong in the program. They consume large amounts of alcohol, drugs or food and are totally addicted to them. We would immediately urge a person like that to enter the program.
We are talking about a different category of person. One whose behavior does not immediately identify them as an addict or alcoholic. For this group we ask them to take a closer look at the reasons they are using. Are they using for sociability or to escape responsibilities and feelings. They also need to honestly examine what happens to them after they use. Does their behavior dramatically shift? Are problems created in their life because of actions taken while under the influence? A simple question often suffices to determine the next course of action. “Do you have a desire to stop drinking, using or eating compulsively? If the answer to that question is yes, we bring them to their first meeting.

Personal Reflection: How did my drug of choice negatively impact my life?

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