I Didn’t Get Sober To Be Miserable

The life of an alcoholic, drug or food addict is not a happy one. All aspects of our lives had been negatively impacted by the choices we had made. Our health had often deteriorated because of our actions. A lot of stress had been placed on our relationships with family and friends. We also encountered many work related problems. All of these had taken a toll on our emotional well being.
We felt a sense of relief when we entered the fellowship. We thought that once we had stopped our addictive behavior, everything would be fine. It was a bit of a shock to us to discover that many feelings which had laid dormant for a long time, came rushing back in. It seemed like we had replaced one set of problems with another. As we immersed ourselves in the program, we saw that not using drugs and alcohol was only the first step. If we really wanted to become, “happy joyous and free”, a lot of work needed to be done. A rigorous examination of our character defects was in order. Out of that examination we began to see our role in the reality we created. We also learned about our powerlessness and the need to let go after we had done the requisite work. Our Higher Power was also called upon as part of this process.

Personal Reflection: Am I happy, joyous and free today?

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