Don’t Romance The a Drink, The Drug Or The Food

When we entered the fellowship many of us were in bad shape. Like many others we spoke about how our drug of choice had brought us to our knees. We vowed to ourselves that we would never resort to our substance again. At the time, we were 100% sincere in our sentiments. The memories of our experiences were still fresh in our minds, and still had great impact on our behavior.
However, human nature is a funny thing. As time passed our memories and thinking got a bit hazy. Suddenly, we started entertaining thoughts like, “I really wasn’t so bad” or I’m sure I could handle it now”. Perhaps we see other people eating and drinking and using drugs recreationally at a party. They seem to be having so much fun. We look longly at them and tell ourselves that we could be one of them as well.
When this type of event occurs we need to take a reality check. That voice inside of us telling us to have just one is our disease talking. We need to once again admit that we are addicts. We must admit that the romantic vision we have conjured up does not apply to us. The reality is that if we give in to our urges, we will fall down that slippery deep slope of addiction.

Personal Reflection: Have I been romanticizing my past?

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