My Control Is Limited To My Own Behavior And My Own Attitudes

We used to walk around thinking that our job in the world was to fix everyone else. When we saw someone doing something that we disagreed with, we immediately attempted to have them change their behavior. People needed so much help we thought. They didn’t know how to correctly drive, eat, play basketball, complete projects at work, speak to their children etc.
We also extended our Mr. or Mrs. Fixit attitude to people’s thoughts and opinions. We loved to show others the error of their ways in topics ranging from religious beliefs to political leanings. We really couldn’t understand why people were often offended by our actions. We were only being helpful, weren’t we?
The fellowship has taught us an entirely new skill set. We now realize that it is not our job to fix anyone else. If they ask for our help or advice we certainly can give it when appropriate. We do this in a supportive and non critical way. Apart from that, our energies need to focus on examining ourselves and identifying our behaviors and attitudes which are unhealthy, destructive or inappropriate. Most of us have discovered that when we do this, we have no time left to give unsolicited advice to anyone else.

Personal Reflection: Do I still give unsolicited advice?

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