Let Go Of Old Ideas

There used to a number of reality TV shows involving makeovers. On one, a crew of designers would descend upon a selected individual. They would survey his or her house; which was usually in a state of clutter and full of old and mismatched furniture. They would then work their magic and voila; a home fit for Architectural Digest emerged. Along the way, sometimes the owner of the home struggled to accept their recommendations. They had lived for so long with their disarray and tattered furniture that it was difficult to let go of the way things were.
The same thing often occurs in the rooms of the fellowship. Many of us had lived for a long time with a particular set of behaviors. Although these were of a destructive nature, it was all we had known. A set of thought patterns and ideas accompanied these behaviors as well. In sobriety we began to change many of these behaviors. In some ways that was the easy part. Letting go of our addict mind thinking was often a greater challenge. We needed to reprogram ourselves. Some of the changes included not believing we were victims and letting go of fear and resentment. It was only when we began to accept a new way of thinking that our sobriety journey really took off.

Personal Reflection: Am I still clinging to old ideas?

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