Without AA, NA Or OA It’s Amen

Drugs, alcohol and food are very much a part of our culture. There are millions of people who have a glass of wine with dinner. At a social gathering, these same people will have a drink or two over the course of the evening. They do not drink over stress or upset. Their consumption of alcohol over time does not increase.
Many others are recreational drug users. They too in a social situation will share a joint with their friends. They can then go for long periods without smoking.
As far as food is concerned, the majority of people will overindulge periodically. Perhaps they are at a restaurant or at some type of celebration and will go back for seconds or have that dessert even though they are full. The next day, it is perfectly normal for them to resume their regular eating routine.
For those of us who have entered the rooms of AA, NA or OA the story is a quite different one. We don’t know how to stop with one drink, one joint or one food indulgence. Left to our own devices we can literally destroy ourselves because of our drug of choice. The program literally saved our lives.

Personal Reflection: How has the program been a lifesaver for me?

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