Two Of The Most Liberating Words I Ever Heard Were “Me Too”

Although we had entered the rooms of AA, NA or OA, we felt very alone. Yes, people had come up to us at the meetings to make us feel welcome; but we still very uncomfortable. Part of this discomfort was due to to the fact that for a long time we held the belief that no one would ever really get us. We had felt this way while we were active, and we still felt this way.
Then one day something amazing happened. We had finally been asked to qualify at a meeting. Although we had a lot of discomfort about it, we pushed through it and told our story. We really did believe that our story was a totally unique one. As people around the room shared on what we had spoken about, we found out that our journey was not as unique as we had once thought. Many of the comments were ones of identification. When someone referenced a part of our story and said, “me too” we realized that perhaps we had been wrong about our perceptions of others. We actually had a lot in common with other people in the rooms. There was a comfort in knowing that many of the feelings we had carried about ourselves, were actually almost universally shared. We finally felt like we truly did belong.

Personal Reflection: In what was do I identify with others in the program?

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