The Doors Swing Both Ways

At some point or other all of us walked thru the doors of the rooms for the first time. Each of us had our own experience with our substance of choice. Whether it was drugs, alcohol, food or some other addiction that brought us here; we had all reached our individual bottom.
The beauty of the program is that the doors of AA, NA, and OA are always open. To walk through those doors the only requirement is a desire to stop using. We are not required to put down our drug of choice to claim our seat. Many a member attended meetings in the beginning drunk, high or right after a binge. We still found ourselves welcomed by fellow members. For those of us who were chronic relapsers, the doors of the program remained open as well. No one ever told us we were not welcome because for the 8th. time we were once again counting days. As long as we had a desire not to use, we were welcome.
The reverse side of the coin was true as well. There were no guarantees in the program about our maintaining sobriety. If we became lax in the practice of our program, the possibilities of relapse always loomed over us. Nothing prevented us from walking out the door and never returning. Membership in the fellowship in and of itself was no guarantee of a lifetime of sobriety.

Personal Reflection: In what direction is the door swinging for me?

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