I Can Do Something For 24 Hours That Would Appall Me If I Had To Keep It Up A Lifetime

Over the years we hear hundreds of stories from people in the program. Some of them really make a deep impression because of the breadth of recovery. We’re sitting in a meeting and a well dressed fellow is telling his story. He appears to be highly intelligent and well adjusted. In listening to his story we find out that at one point he was homeless, and sleeping on subway grates to keep warm. How could he have progressed from such a state of despair to where he is today? Or perhaps another fellow is sharing. He is happily married and holds a responsible job. As he speaks we learn that he served time for a serious crime to fuel his addiction.
While they were active in their addiction, it would have been beyond their ken to conceive that they could have turned their lives around to such an extent. If they were to list all the things they needed to do to get to where they are today, the task would have been insurmountable. That’s why we say the program operates one day at a time. Just for the next 24 hours they took the right steps. One day at a time, they got to where they are today. The same principle applies to each of us in the rooms.

Personal Reflection: What have I accomplished in sobriety that was beyond my wildest dreams?

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