We Don’t Get Run Over By The Train; We Get Hit By The Engine

Most of us don’t walk around with a big sign hung around our neck announcing to the world that we are in a 12 step program. Sometimes we feel we should be wearing that sign. We all have encountered people that will attempt to convince us that one drink, one hit or one bite of a trigger food should not cause us any problem.
Part of the reason for this misconception is that they think that if we just exercised self control, and had just one, that would be the end of it. “Why can’t you be like me?” they say. “I have one or two drinks for the night and then call it quits”. They erroneously believe that an alcoholic or drug addict only has a problem when they drink or use to excess. What they fail to understand is that once we take that first drink, drug or bite a chain reaction is set in motion. As hard it is for them to understand; it is exactly that first drink, drug or bite that is going to get us into a pack of trouble.
In general don’t waste your breathe attempting to explain to them the realities of addiction. Just make sure you understand those realities, and say, “no thank you”.

Personal Reflection: How do I respond to people pushing my drug of choice on me?

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