KCB-Keep Coming Back

In the program we recognize that we are dealing with addiction. In an ideal world, once a person enters the program it would be wonderful if they put down their drug of choice forever. Unfortunately, sometimes that is not the case. Periodically, at a meeting someone will raise their hand and say they have a day or a week back. In response people at the meeting will say, “keep coming back”. We understand how powerful addiction is. Rather than judging the person who had a slip, we individually and collectively encourage them to rejoin the program. When this happens it demonstrates the power of the program. It’s not easy to admit to your peers that you had a slip. Yet is is important to do so. We begin by being honest with ourselves. We could have so to speak “put one over on the fellowship” by not admitting our slip. Yet by admitting our slip publicly, we strengthen the concept of being honest in our dealings. If we can’t be honest to ourselves and others about our drug of choice, we have little chance of being successful with long term sobriety. Denial grows where personal honesty is lacking.

Personal Reflection: How can I help someone who is just coming back?

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