Everyone Has Their Own Higher Power

Our comfort level was sorely tested when we became members of AA, NA or OA. What particularly irked us was this G-d thing. The first step we could live with. We admitted our lives were unmanageable and we were powerless over our substance of choice. Then you hit us with step two and three which referenced a Higher Power and G-d. We found this G-d thing problematic because our experiences with this concept had not been positive. Some of us had been brought up with religious training that had been forced down our throats. While our friends were outside playing, we were stuck inside learning about some stuffy religious ideas. Then there were those of us who had been subjected to the idea that we were sinful and that G-d was a punishing and vengeful Deity. When we asked questions about why G-d allowed so much pain and suffering in the world we were at best met with silence or at worst punished for being so rebellious.
Over time we learned that our Higher Power could be anything we wanted. He could even be the power of the group. No one judged or criticized us regarding how we viewed G-d. When we started to call upon the G-d of our understanding, we began to draw comfort from that fact. Our relationship with a Higher Power helped contribute to our sobriety.

Personal Reflection: How does my relationship with a Higher Power contribute to my sobriety?

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