Powerless Over People, Places And Things; It’s A Two-Way Street

Powerless over people, places and things; it’s a two-way street

In the program we put a lot of emphasis on our being powerless. For many of us this was a big change. We had spent a good part of our time attempting to control others. If only they would do it our way, then our lives would improve; or so we thought. In sobriety, we began to understand that the only person we had some degree of control over was ourselves. Acting maturely and responsibility gave us a better shot at our goals, but there were no guarantees on how others would respond. Once we accepted this, we were ready for a second aspect of being powerless. Just as we were powerless over others, they were powerless over us as well. This fact was a revelation for us. We had often tailored our behavior to the needs and wants of others. While doing so we picked up a lot of resentments along the way. We began to realize that fulfilling the requests of others was a choice, not a foregone conclusion. We always had the option of saying no. Perhaps this was initially difficult for we feared the withdrawal of love from others. Ultimately we came to see that people had power over us only when we gave it to them. Being powerless went both ways.

Personal Reflection: Have I accepted that being powerless is a 2 way street?

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