Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

When we put down our drug of choice, the road initially was a rocky one. Physically our body was often going through withdrawal. Emotionally, our nerves were frayed and we were on edge. There was often a tendency at this point for us to begin to feel sorry for ourselves. Why did we allow ourselves to get into this situation to begin with? Why couldn’t we drink, or drug like everyone else? How did we end up in this mess?
To all of these thoughts we only have one thing to say to you. “Stop feeling sorry for yourself”. Yes, if you want to know the truth you did make a mess of things. But, if you’re really serious about sobriety, you can and will turn your life around. It’s not going to be easy. And that’s alright. You will begin to learn things about yourself that will help you create a lot of change in your life. You will soon see that your health is going to improve. Your emotional life will also become much better. Perhaps most importantly, you will begin to develop a relationship with your Higher Power. So stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Personal Reflection: What am I grateful about today?

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