Sober and Crazy

In our active days, we looked down our noses at anyone who wasn’t drinking or drugging. Quite frankly we found you to be boring and unexciting. In our minds,the truly “cool” people were the ones who were using. We were definitely one of the cool and hip ones. You non users definitely were not.
When we finally entered sobriety many of us got a bit depressed. How were we going to enjoy life now that we had given up our drug of choice. We had left the ranks of the cool, and had joined the boring sober people.
Then something interesting happened. At a meeting, we got invited to our first sober party. Initially we thought that using the words sober and party in the same sentence was a contradiction in terms. However we went. To our great surprise we had a blast. We could still do and say all kinds of crazy things while maintaining our sobriety. We didn’t need alcohol or drugs to be one of the cool ones. We could be sober and still be a cool and interesting person. Our uniqueness could be tapped without the aid of a drink or a drug. We did just fine in social conversation without the use of a substance to help lubricate the flow. By the end of the evening we realized that this sobriety thing really could work for us.

Personal Reflection: What does fun look like in sobriety?

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