Character Is How We Act When We Think No One Is Watching #2

Quite often you will be at a meeting where someone will say that “they need to rat out on themselves”. They will proceed to talk about something which they did or said which they felt was inappropriate or wrong. When you examine this concept of “ratting out” it is really quite amazing. What is occurring is essentially a confession in public of a perceived wrong or impropriety. Where else in the world will you find a person publicly acknowledging a mistake. Certainly not in the world of politics or the work place. On this scale it is only found in the rooms of AA, NA, OA and other fellowships. What is even more amazing is that these so called “acknowledgements” are often seeing the light of day for the first time. In essence the person is describing something which no one else knew about. If they kept their mouth shut, their secret would have been safe. Yet they chose to open up and share. Why do they do it? Perhaps because in sobriety they no longer want to live with secrets. They no longer want to live with lies. Even if no else knows about their wrongdoing, this process helps them acknowledge it to them self. When they publicly admit a wrong, we can all be proud to be part of the program.

Personal Reflection: Is there anything I need to share at a meeting?

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