AA (NA, OA) Is Not A Sentence, It Is A Reprieve

There were many reasons why we continued to use our drug of choice. One of the most common, was that we could not envision going through our day without alcohol, food or drugs. Our drug of choice was our comfort. It soothed us when we were upset. It made us comfortable in social situations. It bolstered our courage when we were fearful. How could we give it up? It was integral to our being able to cope with life. This type of thinking is often reflected in the faces of newcomers sitting in meetings. Looking at them you would think they had been sentenced to 10 years of hard labor.
As time passes, these very same newcomers look very different. They appear to be far happier, more relaxed and healthier than when they were active. They have come to realize that giving up their drug of choice was not a sentence. Just the opposite. It was reprieve from the treadmill of addiction. Beyond that, sobriety provided an opportunity for growth in many areas. People’s lives greatly improved at work, at home, financially and in the community. Along the way they developed an entirely new network of people who they could call upon at any time.

Personal Reflection: How has my life improved since I entered the program?

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