Try Not To Place Conditions On Your Sobriety

Many of us felt overwhelmed when we entered our 12 step program. We were bombarded with a tremendous amount of information. Much of it was spoken in a jargon we couldn’t quite understood. At meetings people were hitting us with slogans we found a bit confusing. Then we were told that we needed to get a sponsor and call him or her every night. On top of all this we were informed that we needed to make ninety meetings in ninety days.
Before we knew it, we felt like back sliding. Maybe this program wasn’t for us. Or, if it was for us we could do part of it our way. Perhaps we reviewed our past and decided that things hadn’t been that bad after all. Maybe we weren’t really an alcoholic, drug or food addict.
If we continued with that line of thinking, we probably would end up back where we had started before we entered the program.
There is a reason we ask people to follow the advice of others who came before them. When they practice the program diligently and completely their chances of success are greatly improved. As we say in the program, “half measures avail us nothing”. There is no such thing as being half sober. To achieve full sobriety we need to engage in the program 100%.

Personal Reflection: Have I placed any conditions on my sobriety?

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