Never Put People in AA, NA, Or OA On A Pedestal

To be sure there are some amazing people in the program. Some came from extremely difficult family backgrounds and have now found a degree of serenity that is quite startling given where they came from. There are others who hit rock bottom and through the program reclaimed their lives. Some of these same people became successful professionals and businessmen and women. We can listen to their stories and identify with them. They are often powers of example and can serve as an inspiration for us. We often speak with them to receive their counsel.
With all that we must be careful not to idolize them. This is bad for them because it feeds their ego, and grandiosity is not something we want to encourage. We are also being excessively romantic about them. We have turned them into some Titan of program. The problem with this is that when we observe them being less than perfect; that disappoint could destroy our sobriety.
Rather, we need to honestly assess others; take them off the pedestal,and see them for who they are. Like us, they are people who struggle every day to work on themselves and make the world just a little bit better.

Personal Reflection: Is there someone I need to take off the pedestal

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