We Can Be Positive That Our Drinking (Drugging Or Eating) Was Negative

People in Western society; and probably in most other societies are immersed in alcohol use. Billions of dollars are spent on encouraging the consumption of alcohol. Drink this beer if you want to attract the ladies, (or a man), be the most popular person at the party, or feel like you’re on vacation in a tropical isle. Just take a step back and one can see how ridiculous these claims are.
That being said, in almost every culture, life events including birth, marriage and death involve alcohol. When used responsibly there is nothing intrinsically wrong with it. Most of us in the program are perfectly fine with other people drinking in a reasonable fashion. The problem is that we are not one of those people who can drink in a measured way. As soon as we have a drink, we are on our way to drinking to excess. Once that happens, we in quick order find ourselves right back where we were before we entered the program. We need to admit that we can never drink safely. The same concept applies to a food addict who can never eat in an undisciplined way. It also applies to drug addicts in the program who must on occasion take prescription medication. In all of these cases we need to remember our last drunk, run or binge.

Personal Reflection: Do I need to be reminded what my life was like before sobriety?

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