Look After The Little Things

Membership in the fellowship of AA, NA or OA needs to be looked at as the first step in a process of growth.. In the beginning we brought along many of our character defects. One of these was grandiosity. Although we were new, we acted as if we were the most important person in the room. When this happened an old timer approached us, and sensing our “importance” asked us if we wanted to be “chairman” of the meeting. Of course we answered yes because our importance and stature almost demanded that we take charge. The old timer pointed to a stack of unopened chairs and said, “ok Mr. Chairman, get to work and open up all of these chairs and put them away at the end of the meeting”. At first our feelings were ruffled. As time passed we grew to understand that small things were extremely important. Since this was a day at a time program, the goal was to string together a lot of days one by one. Within each day, there was much work to be done by accumulating a series of small actions. It was far more important to engage in a series of many small activities, than to occasionally participate in one large one. Consistency yielded important results.

Personal Reflection: Have I been neglecting some of the little things?

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