Inhale The Future; Exhale The Past

At its simplest level, our bodies are miracles. Thousands of intricate functions take place without our even thinking about them. One of the most fundamental of these functions is respiration. We breathe in life giving oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide and waste products. The failure of either of these functions would in short order endanger our lives.
On a spiritual level one can say that breathing represents something much deeper. When we inhale, we are taking in the future. When we exhale, we are giving up the past. As a simple body function, these two processes usually work flawlessly. As a spiritual concept, it’s not always so. Many of us were extremely afraid of the future. Our fear of the unknown held us back from personal growth and change. As we worked our program we began to see that the future could be accepted as easily as an in breath. The same held true for the past. Either the past was romanticized or we were stuck in guilt and shame about our prior actions. As we began to let go of our former life, we became open to both the present moment and future possibilities as well.

Personal Reflection: Do I still fear the future or regret the past?

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