Alcoholic Brain: A Brain That Believes It’s Fears Are Real

No one in this life can escape fear. It is part of our genetic ancestry. Without fear, most of our ancient ancestors would not have made advances in technology, art, medicine, and assorted other fields. Without fear, when that wild animal roared or that forest caught on fire, they would have been the victim of inaction. On a fundamental level, fear preserves the continuation of the species. The problem is that in modern society, the remnants of that fear genetic code have often become counterproductive. Yes, there are still times when fear does play a role. Most of us wisely avoid free fall parachute jumping as a weekend distraction. That being said, fear also often arises in situations where it is unwarranted.
This is especially true for people who have struggled with substances. Many of us actually walked around in fear most of the day. Drinking and drugging covered over the fear temporarily, but it always returned sooner or later. As we gained sobriety, those fears still arose. The difference was that we now had the new found ability to question those fears. We began to determine which fears were based in reality versus those based in imagination. That process demonstrated for us that many of our fears were totally unfounded. They were self created myths which had no truth and only served to stunt our growth. For the remaining reality based fears, we exercised sober judgement.

Personal Reflection: How do I discriminate between real and imagined fears?

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