The First Step In Overcoming Mistakes Is To Admit Them

In the past we often had difficulty admitting to our mistakes. Time was often spent defending our position long after it was necessary. There was a misguided sense that if we were to admit we were wrong, that there was something inherently wrong with us.
Now we have come to a new understanding about our mistakes. Admitting errors in judgment was not an act of personal failure. When we were able to admit our errors, we opened ourselves up to the possibility of change and growth. By learning to become honest about ourselves, we could also acknowledge our positive traits and decisions as well. We even came to see the word mistake differently. No longer was it a pejorative for us. Rather, we saw it as a mis-take. A mis-take meant that we had assessed a situation and then took an action. Perhaps the result of our “take” on things was not as we expected. However there no so shame in what we had done. Reading a situation incorrectly did not mean that there was anything inherently wrong with us. We had just made a mistake and now we would move on and reassess the situation. It was just one of a myriad number of decisions which needed to be made in our lives.

Personal Reflection: Do I readily admit to my mis-takes?

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