I’m Really Grateful To Be Here

There is a story told of a sage who was asked by his students to explain the concept of being grateful with your portion. He told them they should go see a certain man in a nearby village for the answer. The students traveled to the village and asked the residents where the local sage was. When they went to his house however they discovered that he was not the man their teacher had been referring to. He directed them to a poor fellow who had a broken down shack in the woods. He was barely literate so at first the students were reticent about asking him their question. However since their teacher had sent them, they went and asked him about being satisfied with your portion. He replied to them, “I really don’t understand why your teacher sent you to me. I’ve never had a day in my life when I wasn’t grateful for what I had”.
We can learn a lot from that fellow in the woods. The very fact that we are here alive in this moment is a great place to start with in acknowledging our gratitude. Much of life is not situational. Rather it can be referenced by our attitudes. Of course there will be times of difficulty; and when that happens we need to make gratitude our fallback position

Personal Reflection: What am I grateful for today?

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