If I’m Going To Get Out Of The Hole I’m In; I’m Going To Need A Ladder

Imagine you found yourself in a deep dark hole. It was so deep in fact that there was absolutely no way that you could just jump out or pull yourself out of it. The only way you could get out of the hole was if there was a ladder you could use to climb out with.
Addiction is similar to that deep hole. Left to out own devices, we found it impossible to extricate ourselves from it. We tried many strategies but we always seemed to end up back in that hole once again. The programs of AA, NA and OA provided us with a ladder to help us depart from the hole of addiction. Each of the rungs of the ladder represented a different aspect of the program to help us climb out. Some of those rungs included going to meetings, getting a sponsor, working the steps, taking service commitments, practicing daily prayer and meditation and helping another member of the fellowship. By climbing the rungs we found that we could extricate ourselves from that dark pit. We also found that when we neglected various aspects of the program we began to slide back into the hole. It was not something we could say we were ever free and clear off.

Personal Reflection: Am I going up or sliding down the ladder?

2 thoughts on “If I’m Going To Get Out Of The Hole I’m In; I’m Going To Need A Ladder

  1. While I am not a recovering addict, I am a wavering spiritual seeker. When the going gets tough, I fall back down into despair and grief too easily. When the systems of hope and love I’ve set up do work, I feel empowered. It’s the times when your beliefs and accomplishments are challenged that you find out how much you are really invested in faith in your self. Those are the times when we need to hold on to the rung we are on and see how far up we’ve come. It takes another person sometimes to hold the mirror up, but community is part of the healing isn’t it?

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  2. Community is incredibly important. I often need the insights of others to help me on my journey; though in the moment I may not be so comfortable with what they have to say. I also believe very strongly that The G-d of my understanding talks thru other people as well.


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