Alcohol(Food And Drugs) Gave Me Wings And Then Slowly Took Away My Sky

For as long as we could remember, we were uncomfortable in this life. Though we might not have realized it at that time, we were racked with fear, resentments and feelings of low self esteem. This often led to undiagnosed bouts of depression. Then one day, something wondrous occurred. We discovered our drug of choice. Perhaps a group of our friends were passing around a bottle or someone offered us a hit off a joint. Whatever the event was, we partook and experienced an immediate and psychic change. It was as if we had been granted a pair of wings and as we soared skyward, all of our problems were left back on the earth. We couldn’t wait to get more of that magic elixir. Whenever we had the opportunity we indulged in our drug of choice. It didn’t matter to us that we seemed to use more than others or that we used more often. Over time something changed in us. We lost interest in the flight of life. All we cared about was getting high. As others progressed with their lives, we stayed stuck. Alcohol, drugs or food had ended up clipping our wings.

Personal Reflection: Where should I fly to today?

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