Hang In There (HIT)

There will be days that you feel like you are in a state of flow. Every light is green on your way to work. The boss loves your proposal even though it’s only a first draft. You try a new recipe and it comes out perfectly. We all have had one of those days or some variation thereof. Then of course, we experience the opposite. It seems like everything we try to do that day goes wrong. It just seems like one series of mishaps after another. For the average person, we have some degree of understanding that flow days and mishap days are just a part of life.
For the alcoholic, drug or food addict, our brains are calibrated differently. We used to believe that flow days were largely attributable to our drug of choice, until that drug stopped working for us. When we were having a “bad” day we often sought out that drug, drink or food for soothing and solace.
In sobriety, there are of course going to be mishap days. They are just a part of life. It’s just that we no longer can turn to drugs or alcohol to take the edge off. Instead we call our sponsor, go to a meeting or do service. This is far more effective than white knuckling it. “Hanging in there” for us means tapping into our tools of sobriety.

Personal Reflection: What does my version of hang in there look like?

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