Your Disease Progresses Even When You Are Not Drinking, Drugging Or Eating

Initially in sobriety we were confused about some of you old timers. You had maybe 10, 20 or 30 or more years of sobriety. Yet there you were at the meeting every night. You still arrived early and stayed late. You made it a point to share what was happening with you at every meeting. We found out that you still had a sponsor and made outreach calls regularly. All of this was perplexing to us. After so many years why did you have to maintain such a degree of intensity of program.
Over time, we began to gain some understanding as to why you behaved as you did. Even in our own lives we began to experience the effects of not calling our sponsor or not making meetings. We came too realize that our addiction did not remain inactive even though we were refraining from our drug of choice. Just not using wouldn’t cut it. All of those “ism’s” were still on overdrive. It almost felt like that for each day that we neglected our program, it took us two days to just get back where we had left off. In order for us to get ahead of the curve, we had to bring a certain level of greater commitment to our recovery. So, we joined you all timers and arrived early and stayed late; for who wants to play catch up?

Personal Reflection: Am I doing enough to get ahead of the curve?

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