Share Your Happiness

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. It can be very instructive for us to review photographs of ourselves taken when were unaware that a photo was being taken. Carefully examine your facial expression and body language. Attempt to view yourself impartially. What messages are you sending out to the world in that moment? Do you appear to be stressed out, fearful, tense, upset, judgmental, or bored? Or as they say in the language of the program, do you appear to be, happy, joyous and free? There are really two points of import to be examined here. The first is what is your inner world like? Have you taken all the tools of the program and utilized them to create a happier healthier you? If this is not the case, perhaps you need to revisit what you are doing on a daily basis to create greater emotional sobriety.
Let’s assume however that you have been evolving. Then what’s up with that photograph of you? Isn’t it time that you share some of your inner joy, serenity and positivity. Let your outside reflect your inside. You might want to make more eye contact, increase your smile quotient and up your good mornings. Not only will it brighten someone else’s day, it will make a brighter you!

Personal Reflection: Who do I see in those photographs?

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