Do Nothing And Nothing Will Happen

Many people in this world complain of being stuck. They are in relationships studded with problems, at jobs which they hate or feel are dead ends and they are often facing chronic health issues. When you examine all of these challenges, it quickly becomes clear that many of their issues are reversible. Relationships can be worked on through therapy and programs including 12 step. When these strategies fail, it might be time for them to move on. Work dissatisfaction can often be remedied by switching jobs. Many have also taken courses and training which have yielded professional advancement. Some of us have have embarked on totally new careers based on personal interest. Varied health issues began to clear when we gave up our drug of choice or initiated an exercise regimen or a new food plan.
All of these reversible strategies have one thing in common. They are all based on a program of action. Some of those people who complain of being stuck, will reach a “bottom” and hopefully through a spiritual awakening begin a lifelong journey of change brought about by action. Unfortunately, there are also those who remain deeply unhappy and unhealthy. At the merest suggestion of the necessity of engaging in spiritual and emotional work, the conversation gets changed by them. For this group,we need to pray that they have a spiritual awakening.

Personal Reflection: What areas of my life require taking an action right now?

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