Today I Have More Solutions Than Problems

Many people in the world live in the problem. They constantly find themselves embroiled in arguments and issues with others. Now it is true that all of us face problems. However some of us almost go out of our way to find problems or to cause them. These are the people who open their mouths when they should keep them shut. They are the people who even when given an opportunity to extricate themselves from a problem, will choose to dive back in. Unfortunately there is also a lot of denial emanating from problem dwellers. Even when others point out their role in the drama, they find it almost impossible to admit their part. Alcohol, drugs and food are often sought to solve their challenges and only end up exacerbating them.
In the program we learn that we no longer need to dwell in the problem. Over time we begin to carve out a new piece of real estate; living in the solution. When we are confronted with challenges, we search out solutions. Part of the reason we are able to do so is that the program has provided us with a new set of tools. It definitely feels better to be in the solution as opposed to the problem.

Personal Reflection: Am I truly living in the solution?

2 thoughts on “Today I Have More Solutions Than Problems

  1. Whenever I engage another in a healing or problem solving exercise, we usually have to go back to where the injury, issue, or problem came up, find it’s triggers, and locate errors accepted into practice.
    In knowing where we began to act, look, or feel out of sorts, we can now reassess and turn what used to cause us pain into something that now causes us victory.
    I find that many who are healed in this way go on to become healers as well.
    I’ve probably just reiterated what you just said in another way, but anyhewww, it’s the truth.


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