Write A Gratitude List

Like many a newcomer we had called our sponsor full of complaints about how all the people in our life had wronged us. After listening to us for a few minutes our sponsor cut us off. He or she directed us to get a piece of paper and a pen and then get back on the call. We dutifully complied thinking that we were going to have an opportunity to blast everyone in our life who had angered or disappointed us recently. We would probably have to go to the post office to get a roll of stamps for all of the letters we would be writing to all those who had wronged us. However, when we got back on the phone, the conversation took a distinct turn. No, our sponsor wasn’t interested in our grievances. Rather, he or she asked us to write a gratitude list. At first we thought this was a bit strange. Why should we write down our gratitudes when we were full of upset about others. What we found that as we wrote down our gratitudes a lot of our feelings of upset dissipated. We realized that we had a lot to be grateful for. As we gained some time many of us have made this a daily practice where we write down a few gratitudes as part of our daily journaling regimen.

Personal Reflection: What am I grateful for right now?

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