The Time To Attend A Meeting Is When You Least Feel Like Going

Going to meetings are wonderful. They give us an opportunity to speak about what’s on our mind. Invariably at a meeting you will hear someone say, “I heard what I needed to hear today”. Somehow it always works out that a person will be speaking about an issue or a problem that is highly relevant to us at exactly this point in our recovery. We also very much enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of meetings. This is especially true of our home group where we get to know the members on a very personal level. Sometimes we will rush to a meeting because we had a very trying and emotional day and just need to vent.
Where we need to exercise care is when we say to ourselves that we don’t need to go to a meeting. At first blush, this might seem okay. Our lives were going well, or we were tired that evening or the weather outside was nasty. Of course there are times when we have a legitimate reason for missing a meeting. However, we need to remember that we are alcoholics or drug or food addicts. Part of our disease is a tendency to isolate. This was often the first step on the road to a slip. When that voice tells us we don’t have to get to a meeting, we need to jump up and go. It might be the most important meeting of our life.

Personal Reflection: Am I beginning to miss meetings?

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