Cancel My Subscription; I’m Tired Of Your Issues

Personal reflection is a big part of our program of recovery. Through self examination we have come to understand that we had many serious issues. These affected every area of our life. As part of our dysfunction we established many unhealthy relationships. Perhaps we associated with hypercritical or sarcastic people because of our feelings of inferiority. These people were just reaffirming what we knew about ourselves all along. We allowed them to demean us because on some level we believed we deserved it. Along the way we probably also picked up some rage-a-holics, victims of life and assorted others.
In recovery, we began the work of repairing ourselves. We also began to relate to people in a much healthier way. Changes really began to take root within us. What we discovered was that some of those “old friends” did not like these changes. They wanted us to return to our old ways. Often, when we responded to them in a sober manner, they escalated their unhealthy behavior. Over time, some of them changed because of the power of our example. Others however, remain entrenched in their behavior and deteriorated even more. Though it was painful, we needed to let go of that second group. Their dysfunction was a threat to our sobriety, which had to come first. We needed to detach with love, but we still needed to let go of them.

Personal Reflection: Am I holding on to someone I need to let go of?

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