G-d Is Never Late

A fundamental element of language are cause and effect phrases. When we choose A, then B results. There are literally thousands of these types of phrases. Many are of course relevant to people in program. One of the most common (though stated in the negative) is, “if you don’t take the first drink, (or drug or trigger food) then you won’t get drunk”.  That is the most basic of cause and effect.
Then there is another category. We could call it, “if I had known that was going to happen, then I would have chosen differently. We call this type of thinking 20/20 hindsight. It can be of value when we examine the repercussions of our actions and learn from them. Hopefully we make better decisions the next time around.
Sometimes it’s best to refrain from 20/20 hindsight thinking. Instead of immediately concluding that we made the wrong decision, we begin to practice an oft neglected skill; that of patience. In the program we ultimately believe that G-d is running the show. Sometimes we need to exercise patience and see how things play out. In order to do this we need to push aside our initial rush to judgement; and trust that our Higher Power knows what He’s doing. More often than not, when patience is practiced, things somehow fall into place.

Personal Reflection: Do I need to exercise patience?

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